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Priscilla Kelly ist ein NXT Superstar und Mitglied des Havoc's Flock, einem NXT Stable von Jimmy Havoc.

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Priscilla Kelly gehört dem Havoc's Flock seit derem NXT Debut an, neben PJ Black, Jimmy Jacobs und dem Anführer Jimmy Havoc.

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  • Finishing Moves
    • Tombstone Piledriver
    • Tiger Driver '91
    • Tilt-A-Whirl Dragon Sleeper
  • Signature Moves
    • Crippling Depression (Backdrop Suplex)
    • Half-Nelson Suplex
    • SuperSix (Superkick)
    • Arm Drag Variations
    • High Impact Knee Strike
  • Nicknames
    • Hell's (Havoc's) Favorite Harlot
    • Weirdo Queen
    • Gipsy
    • Non PG
  • Quotes & Catchphrases
    • Being pale and weird doesnt make you any less hotter than a tan bombshell
    • Sexy blood
    • Seeing you suffer makes me wet/turns me on
    • Six Six Six
  • Themes
    • Going To Hell - The Pretty Reckless
    • I Hope You Suffer - AFI (As part of Havoc's Flock)

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